Cécile Duflot, Director General, Oxfam France

Cécile Duflot showed an early militant activism when she was still studying town planning by becoming a member the Genepi - a non-profit student association promoting the schooling of prison inmates.
In 2001, she joined the ecologist political party ‘’Les Verts’’ (‘’The Greens’’) and then contributed to the foundation of the current party ‘’Europe Ecologie – Les Verts’’ (‘’Europe Ecology – The Greens’’) in 2010. There, she held a position as national secretary (i.e. leader) from 2006 to 2012.
When François Hollande was President of France, she was offered a post as Minister of Territorial Equality and Housing in the Ayrault government (2012-2014) and was elected as a member for Parliament for the 6th electoral district of Paris (2012 to 2017).
This position gave her the opportunity to pursue her commitment regarding international solidarity by sitting on the Board of Directors of the Agence Française de Developpement (French Development Agency).