The Social & Human Capital Protocol process is made up of four stages, each including a series of steps. As shown in Figure 6, the stages and steps are iterative: users should expect to revisit previous steps as necessary.

This document describes each stage, step, and the actions companies should complete in each step. Guidance and examples are provided throughout.

Each stage includes six key elements:

  • What - objective of the stage
  • Why - rationale and value-add of the stage
  • How - a description of each of the steps in the stage, including:
    • Recommendations for implementing the step
    • Options that could be considered for implementing the step
    • Illustrative outputs based on research or company experience
  • Outputs - that a company should have by the end of the stage
  • Practical Considerations - in terms of:
    • Skills/expertise
    • Timing
    • Stakeholder engagement
  • Recommended resources - key resources which could be helpful to companies when implementing the stage




Adapted from the Natural Capital Coalition (2016), “Natural Capital Protocol”, (Online) Available at: