Interim Executive Director Mike Wallace

Mike has 20+ years of international experience in the sustainability field, having given expert testimony to the European Commission, U.S. Securities Exchange Commission, Environmental Protection Agency and the General Services Administration, and having presented on the topic of sustainability and reporting at an array of executive level conferences and meetings.

Mike has kindly been seconded to this project from his main role as Partner BrownFlynn, an ERM Group company.

The Executive Director has primary responsibility for:

  • Running SHCC operations, including the smooth and timely delivery of outputs, regular communication with the community through webinars, website updates, etc.
  • Representing the SHCC and presenting its activities at events, in webinars, articles, etc.
  • Seeking funding for continued operation and further expansion of the Coalition, incl. additional staff
  • Overseeing and coordinating the roll-out of the Social Capital Protocol, incl. coordinating potential sector guides
  • Managing SHCC resources
  • Signing off on day-to-day Coalition deliverables (after bringing significant issues on major deliverables before the Board)

Interim Technical Director Mark Graham

Until 2016 Senior Director of the PwC Social Investment and Enterprise team and Strategic Lead for work across UK and Global impact investment markets. Since leaving PwC in 2016 Mark had been providing advice on social and economic impact issues for Pro Bono Economics, the Strategic Investment Board in Northern Ireland and the University of Edinburgh Data Driven Innovation Programme.

Skilled in developing and leading complex assignments and in undertaking public presentations of work outcomes to Boards, Ministers and conferences.

Key Roles: Managing the public consultation of the Social & Human Capital Protocol


Currently, WBCSD hosts the SHCC, is providing support to set up the governance structure, as well as supporting the public consultation process on the Social & Human Capital Protocol. Eva Zabey, Director, Redefining Value, and Matthew Watkins, Associate, Redefining Value, are the key individuals leading this work at WBCSD.


(Left- Mike Wallace, Coalition Executive Director, Right- Mark Graham, Coalition Technical Director)